Purchase Assistance

To refinance your home or get a pre-approved loan, contact M&M Mortgage.

Purchase Assistance

Purchase Assistance | M&M Mortgage LLC - Roseville, MN

By using our handy Purchase Assistance tool, we can show you what we mean. We will take your credit history and combine it with your dream home, that is, the State the home is in, for example, Minnesota, and the type of property, whether single dwelling, multiple dwelling, townhouse or condominium, and with that little amount of information, the process can begin.

Needs Assessment

If you've already found a property to purchase, or if it's the second home, we can discover some important information.

1. Determine the role of the property, whether you intend to use it as a primary residence, a vacation home or an investment.
2. Combine that with the market value of the home.
3. Estimate of the number of years you'll spend there (just guess if you're not sure).
4. The type of loan you want, fixed, ARM or other.

We will then have enough information to move on to personal financial information.

Personal Information

A lender wants to know the following:

1. Who the borrower is, whether a co-borrower is involved.
2. The income level of the borrower.
3. The borrower's credit score.
4. The borrower's average monthly expenses.
5. The borrower's employment or source of funds of the borrower.
6. Finally, are there any bankruptcies in the borrower's history.

With that information, we will be able to propose a loan and enable you to buy your dream home.

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