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To refinance your home or get a pre-approved loan, contact M&M Mortgage.

Home Loans

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Why Choose Us?

Even if you believe you can't benefit from a loan refinance, visit a banker at M&M Mortgage. It may just be a matter of a few interest points on your present loan or the switch from an ARM to a fixed rate that saves you thousands of dollars. On the other hand, you may not realize how much equity is available.

M&M Mortgage takes a thorough Look at Your Needs

When you need funds to add an addition to the home, or you have revolving or other bad debts, we can help with a refinancing loan to get cash out of the equity you have accumulated. Your equity is wealth. You can borrow against it to do many things, but as with all credit situations, you can benefit from wise advice from the experts at M&M Mortgage.

What Is Bad Debt?

Bad debt is any debt with high interest rates like the revolving debt from credit cards. Sometimes, secured loans, like car loans, have high interest rates too. Take some time and examine your finances. In a matter of minutes, you can analyze your debt situation, determine what debts are bad, and look to the equity in your home for a solution.

Consolidation Home Loans

There are two benefits to consolidation home loans: A loan to consolidate debts will greatly reduce the interest rate, in effect, changing bad debts into good debts. The second factor is that your equity is your wealth. You are borrowing from yourself to pay bad debts off. When you pay your home mortgage, you are paying for your home and your home is wealth.

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